Antone Bruinsma contemporary stone sculpture


The Birth of Venus - Bribie Island, Queensland, Australia

You brought 18 days of great expectations. Every day we watched and waited for your creation to be born and it was to be such a beautiful birth, your Venus was and is magnificent.
Congratulations from a friend, who will hear no more those wonderful sounds of labour emanating from Tintookie Park. But your labour of love will remain forever both in the park and in our hearts.
"Parting is such sweet sorrow."

Kindest regards
Peter CassimatiS
T/A Chicken Inn, 14 Jacana St, Bribie Island (near the park)



Flowers for Andrea Robyn and Her Friends - Emu Vale, Queensland, Australia

Antone created a commemorative sculpture for the Emu Vale community at Warwick in July 2006. Andrea Robyn was a baby being flown to Brisbane for medical treatment, when the plane crashed. His sculpture is an abstract piece representing the wildflowers that grow near the scene of the plane crash, which happened on 9 April 1955. It attracted a lot of interest as he carved it over two weeks at Leslie Park in the centre of Warwick and he met many wonderful people there. Antone returned to Emu Vale on 24 August 2006 to oversee the installation of his sculpture at a park.

One of those people kindly wrote a few words about his impressions of Antone's work:

"Antone's excellent piece causes me to reflect on the lives of the last inhabitants of Emu Vale and their special relationship with the Emu Creek and its beautiful valley and rolling flood plain. These people were of the Keinjan Tribe and lived, hunted and camped in the valley and alongside the clear waters of the creek.

Antone has captured an expression in stone, which perfectly reflects the serpentine nature creek, the primeval creatures that still inhabit its depths, and I think, the might and majesty of the surrounding mountains."

Thank you, John!

Some images to show you how Antone worked for two weeks to create the sculpture for the community.

starting work
working on sculpture up on the Downs
almost two weeks work
still at Leslie Park, finishing the sculpture
almost completed
the last day - open for public inspection
the finished sculpture
moving the sculpture to its new home
waiting for the sculpture
sculpture in place
Flowers for Andrea Robyn and her Friends
Sculpture by Antone
Happy in place at the park
Another view of the sculpture
Antone - hooray - in place and looking great
Heaven's Gate, Dream of Love and Seafarer


Antone, may I say yet again, how wonderful your sculptures look in our garden. From our main sitting room, we have a glorious view, through the "Heavenly Gate", to our first "Bruinsma" sculpture.

Sue and Wolfgang, owners of several of Antone's sculptures.

The Nightwatcher

“Dear Antone, Thank you seems not enough to express the wonder and joy gained from the presence here of “The Nightwatcher”. In awe, I see her interact with Sun and Moon, wind and rain. She absorbs their energies. The play of light and shadows and raindrops reveal so many transformations. So amazing. It is as if she is responding and pulsating to the rhythm of life. Her hollowed wing, sometimes wing, sometimes petal, at other moments becomes a portal, even a second bird. Continually changing, observing, calling our senses to attention. As she is caressed by wind and rain, embraced by the Sun, my hope is that she feels at one here. Such a depth of awe and emotion—this not only for the created but her creator. You have an amazing gift and we are so blessed to have you share it with us. Your stone sings and whispers an ever present reminder of Mother Earth, her many aspects and especially of her magnificence.”

- Christina and Brian, owners of “The Nightwatcher”




Hi Antone

What a magnificent piece of art!! I came home and saw it from the driveway and then as I came around I could see it from each angle!  The kids and I were all very excited and they ran over to it, knowing that it was a piece of them too! Once again thank you from our hearts to yours.

Deirdrie and family



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