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Stone Sculpture

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Contemporary stone sculpture

Antone began creating sculptures in wood from the age of 10 after winning a chisel set in Holland. Then, at art college, he was introduced to stone as a medium by the late Leonard Shillam, himself a well-known Queensland sculptor.

Antone fell in love with the natural texture and feel of stone, its durability and its connection with nature and mother Earth.

He works mainly with freshwater sandstone - Helidon freestone - which is well suited to outdoor locations, being much harder than saltwater sandstone. Helidon freestone ranges from white through to rose in colour.

Antone also creates sculptures in marble, granite and other stone.

Stone sculpture can be distinguished from hebel carvings (a cement like, very light man-made substance) and plaster and concrete castings. Stone sculpture is created to endure, appreciate in value and link the man-made and natural environments. The feel and texture of stone sculpture is far superior to other substances.

Stone sculptures can be sealed or left with a natural finish. They have very low maintenance and can be secured in place for a more permanent position.

Antone works in other media as well, including wood, steel and bronze, depending on the theme of the sculpture and the needs of the client and the location.

You can read more information about Antone's stone sculptures and other media he uses.

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