salute to the sun sculpture

Public Art

Antone creates sculptures for public art in a variety of materials. Many of his sculptures are stone sculptures, in Helidon freestone (a durable freshwater sandstone), marble, granite or stones local to the public art project. Stone sculpture can be distinguished from hebel carvings (a cement like, very light man-made substance) and plaster and concrete castings. Stone sculpture is created to endure, appreciate in value and link the man-made and natural environments. The feel and texture of stone sculpture is far superior to other substances. Stone sculptures can be sealed or left with a natural finish. They have very low maintenance and can be secured in place for a more permanent position. Stone sculpture is a recognised public art form around the world. Antone works in other media as well, including wood, steel and bronze, depending on the theme of the sculpture and the needs of the client and the location.

Antone accepts commissions for public art for government and corporate clients and from public benefactors.

Recent public art projects

Sculpture - Penetration of the Wind

Penetration of the Wind - public art Shanghai Sculpture Park, China

Sculpture - The Family

The Commuters - sculpture located Indooroopilly Railway Station

Sculpture - 
					Time to Soar

Time to Soar - Comssioned for the Wyaralong Dam, Scenic Rim, from local stone.

Sculpture - The Journey

The Journey - stainless steel sculpture Indooroopilly