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Why purchase an Antone Bruinsma sculpture?

  • style: works of art with meaning and theme;
  • solid reputation: Antone has been producing high quality artwork for many years; read a customer's testimonial below;
  • works of integrity:
  • durability: Antone's sculptures are created to last and the materials are hard wearing and withstand environmental degradation;
  • environmentally and people-friendly: natural materials mean less pollution and less toxicity than plastics and metals;
  • timeless: stone sculpture has been in fashion for thousands of years (see Egypt, India, Thailand, Italy and China, for example) and does not date like fashions for colour, geometric shapes or other momentary fashions;
  • prestige and value: high quality sculpture adds substantial value to a project or property.

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How to purchase an Antone Bruinsma sculpture.

When considering a sculpture for your home, office, commercial or residential development, there may be a number of things for you to consider (depending on your individual requirements) including:

  • location
  • local environment
  • local culture
  • landmark or signature components
  • interactive components of sculpture
  • size
  • materials
  • public safety
  • protection of the sculpture from accidental or deliberate damage
  • theme
  • any government or planning approval requirements
  • budget.

This is not a comprehensive list and other factors may apply to your particular circumstances.

Antone can help you with these considerations and work with you to create an artwork for your space that will be functional, relational, and have public appeal. Antone's sculptures are durable and will increase in value over time.

If you need a sculpture quickly, then one of Antone's existing pieces at the sculpture park may fit your requirements. To save you time, Antone can provide you with an information pack and a CD or DVD containing images of his work, upon request. You can then make an appointment to view the sculptures.

If you have more time, you can commission a sculpture to work with your place in mind. With a commission, Antone likes to visit the site to assess its qualities and requirements and have a meeting with you to discuss your needs. A commission may take anywhere between 4 weeks and 8 months to complete, as a general rule, depending on the size, number of pieces required and complexity of the sculptures.

During any commission, Antone recommends that you view the progress of the artwork. If you are unable to visit the studios personally (or location where the sculpture is being created), Antone is able to provide you with images by email as the work unfolds.

Prices will vary considerably, depending on individual needs, the materials used, the complexity of the sculpture and the size. This is best discussed when you are considering artwork for yourself or your project.

View the sculptures currently available for purchase - gallery 1 and gallery 2.

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Materials/media used in sculpture.

Helidon Freestone

Antone often uses Helidon Freestone for his sculptures.  This is a freshwater sandstone, which can be sanded to a smooth finish.  It is a durable material for indoor and outdoor use.  It often contains a range of colours, which can be set off by the design, from white to yellows, browns, reds and pinks. Sometimes all in the one sculpture! Freestone does not deteriorate in outdoor situations.  The same stone is used to construct cathedrals, universities and other important buildings in Australia and overseas.

Marble and Granite

Sculptures made from these materials may carry a highly contrasting textured appearance, depending on the design of the sculpture.  They can be very smooth to the touch or have various textured surfaces.  These materials are also suitable for indoors or out.  Sculptures made from these materials are often much dearer to purchase because the stone is more expensive and requires more work, due to its hardness and to achieve the polish. 

Marble is a gorgeous, sensitive material. A receptive medium with an amazing range of colours available. Similar to granite, except that highly polished marble surfaces will lose their lustrous shine outdoors - whereas granite doesn't.

Granite is a challenging and demanding material to work with and yet the rewards are astounding! If durability is high on the list of priorities, then granite is the one. Magical in all its wide range of colours, granite evokes depth of meaning in its everlasting polish and alluring mystery. It requires little or no maintenance.

The marble and granite sculptures are created in my studio at Cedar Creek, Australia, or in various workshops overseas.


Some designs will look particularly good when cast in bronze.  Bronze provides a beautiful finish.  However, bronze sculptures are expensive due to the cost of the casting process.  The sculptor first creates the sculpture and then has it cast by a foundry.  Often the sculptor will release a limited edition of the sculpture when bronze is used.  For example, ten of the same sculpture will be created.  You are still purchasing an authentic original artwork and the sculpture will be stamped with the edition size and cast number.  The unit cost of each sculpture may then be slightly less than if only one sculpture was cast.


Antone also works in wood on occasion.  Wood gives a beautiful finish and lends itself to touch.  It also appears softer and warmer than stone.  It is recommended for indoor display, unless the timber has been specifically treated for outdoor conditions. It will require some easy regular maintenance to keep it looking great. Usually the sculpture will only require the occasional dusting and coat of wax and buff. This hands-on relationship with the artwork can be a very rewarding one for the owner.

Other materials

Your site or idea may lend itself to other materials such as stainless steel or even ferro concrete for a very large sculpture.  Antone works with you to create an exciting sculpture that is perfect for your environment and your space.

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Care and maintenance of sculpture.

Stone sculpture requires minimal care and maintenance. An outdoor stone sculpture, being a natural substance, may attract lichens and other colourings from the environment. This natural patina can be very attractive in the appropriate place and add to the character of the sculpture. In other situations, you may wish to maintain the sculpture in its original state and seal the stone.

Stone sculpture can be cleaned by washing down with bleach when required and rinsing well with water. You may need to use a stiff brush and be sure to wear protective clothing and follow the instructions on the bottle when using bleach.

Stone sculptures can be sealed for more lasting protection from the elements and natural aging. Helidon freestone should be sealed if the sculpture will be sited in a strong frost climate. You can arrange this with Antone when purchasing the sculpture or later on if required.

If you do not wish to clean the sculpture yourself, please contact Antone as he may be able to provide this service for you at a very reasonable cost.

Should your sculpture sustain any accidental damage, we recommend that you contact Antone immediately for advice. Advice will be provided to you at no cost over the telephone. Repairs can usually be arranged promptly and are usually not expensive.

Antone's work can be seen at many places throughout Queensland, Australia and the world. If you wish to have a look at Antone Bruinsma sculptures that have been in place for many years, contact Antone for details or, if in Australia, visit "The Elements" on the beach at Surfers Paradise (near the main beach entry), Gold Coast, or "The Way of the Sage" in the Macquarie University Sculpture Park, Sydney.

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Transport and installation.

Antone is available to oversee the transport and installation of purchased sculptures.

Antone ensures that the sculpture is installed safely and securely, at a time suitable for you.

He can also assist you to remove and transport existing sculptures, at a very reasonable cost to you.

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From time to time, Antone runs workshops for those interested in creating their own sculptures. Antone has considerable teaching experience and has taught at Brisbane Institute of Art, Queensland College of Art (Queensland University of Technology), TAFE colleges and also conducted workshops at Woodford Folk Festival.

Workshops run upon expression of interest. Workshop numbers are kept small to ensure personal attention and tuition.

Antone's workshops generally run over 2 days. They are held at the Cedar Creek studios or at other suitable studio venues. Accommodation can be arranged for students who don't live locally.

Antone is also available to provide one-on-one tuition and has mentored several successful young artists.

Contact Antone for further details on 07 5546 4109 or by email to antone(at)

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Art consultation.

Considering using sculpture in your project or environment but don't know where to start?

We can help you with:

  • choice
  • suitability of materials
  • scale
  • process for commissioning
  • costings
  • locating other artists and sculptors, if a different style of work is required (eg. ceramic artists, sculptors in steel etc.)

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Leasing sculpture for your home or project.

If you are selling a property or promoting a development, you may like to consider leasing a sculpture for the site, to assist with presentation. Antone's sculptures can be leased for as little as one week or for longer periods.

If the prospective purchaser or another member of the public decides to purchase the sculpture along with your property, your lease fees will be refunded out of the sale proceeds. However, you are not required to market the sculpture. We do request that a small plaque be displayed with the sculpture with details of the sculpture and Antone's name and contact details.

If you are visiting Australia temporarily, you may wish to lease sculpture to enhance your residence, without having to worry about relocating sculpture once your residential lease is up.

Have a look at the difference a piece of sculpture can make.

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