Antone Bruinsma contemporary stone sculpture

Artist Statement

For twenty five years now I’ve been making sculptures for landscapes and buildings in Australia, Taiwan and China. This means I work with people – developers, curators, gardeners, architects – but I also work with places. I work to intensify the value in every location. I highlight the natural qualities of the chosen site. And I clarify the social and psychological factors – the desires, hopes and anxieties – that make each location special in the hearts of its custodians and visitors.

By tuning in to these forces, I’m able to identify the spirit of a place. From there, I can give material form to that special spirit. Typically I use stone or wood, but I might choose concrete, steel or any other substance that my research reveals to be right for the place.

I have a simple rule: by the time a project is complete, the location must be enriched. Clearly, different people measure richness in different ways -- economic, social, ecological, psychic, spiritual. Acknowledging this diversity of values, I make sure my sculptures interact with their settings so that the value of the place is improved according to all these different measures of wealth.

Over the years I’ve learned that every project is a milestone in my own artistic development. I’ve also learned that my artwork is strongest when viewers feel that the sculpture has made the site into a milestone for their own journey through life. When a place has been artistically improved like this, people return to it often and take care of it because it has real significance and a guiding or healing influence in their lives.

To demonstrate my vision and abilities, I have created a sculpture park around my studio in the Gold Coast hinterland.

Anyone interested in my artistic approach to environmental enrichment is welcome to visit. Here in a location that I have worked hard to make special, we could begin to envisage how we might collaborate to enrich your own special places.

"Penetration of the Wind" 1998  
now re-located from Yu-Zi Paradise Sculpture Park, Guilin, China to Shanghai Sculpture Park
"Waters of Aquarius" 1996 
fornerly located at Robina Town Centre 

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